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Today, as the technology users across the globe gear up to sink in the various features of the brand new operating system by Microsoft, one can't help but acknowledge the pivotal role that technology has played in the evolution of man and civilisation as well. Relying on gadgets has helped simplify life and also increased the potential of growth. From shifting devices to adapting new technologies, the awareness is growing and so are the offerings. However, what is growing simultaneously is the need for professionally trained people willing to spearhead this development of technology. Currently, the Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology is amongst the top notch institutes in the country that specialises in providing this training to hundreds of students that harbour the aspiration of building careers in the domain of information technology. IT as we know it is changing! Gone are the days when a bachelor's degree in information technology was sufficient. Today, specialisation is the need of the hour. Additionally, what is needed is a complete understanding of the management scenario. Students have to be well versed with the nuances of management in order to be able to bridge the gap between demand and supply. The coming of new technology, processor and software programs kind of changes everything that we know about information technology. At SCIT, this change is taken into consideration and accordingly the course curriculum is regularly updated. Interactive learning program In most B schools, learning is all about boring classroom sessions. However, at SCIT believes that in order to train professionals, the training also has to be completely professional. The students are made to undergo class room training sessions as well as industry interface programs in order to give the students maximum exposure and help them prepare for a better future as a corporate professional. The interactive learning is what tends to make a huge difference to the students training. Additionally, at SCIT, the focus is on getting the best to teach the students. The faculty is available round the clock and students get all assistance that they need in order to resolve queries. Look at the return on investment Students at SCIT are given complete training. The blend of industry exposure and academics ensures that when they step into their roles as professionals, they are well-equipped to address the challenges. This in turn makes the SCIT pass-outs eligible candidates for being recruited by leading companies across the globe. The Symbiosis tag The Symbiosis label is recognized by institutions across the globe. The candidates stepping into the industry with this label are guaranteed to lay hands upon better job opportunities ensuring that they are able to earn better returns on the money invested to study the nuances of information technology business management. The admissions to SCIT program happen through the nationally conducted SNAP test followed by a round of personal interview and group discussion. Those who want to apply can do so by registering for the SNAP test and SCIT. Stay tuned to for more updates.

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